Rich source of Fatty acids that provide many benefits. According to the USDA National Nutrient Database for Standard Reference, coconut oil contains 0 cholesterol and is a good source of energy, lipids, and various other nutrients.

Coconut oil and the MCTs it contains are effective for Alzheimer’s and dementia. And using coconut oil regularly has a protective effect on brain health.

When pondering the health challenges of old age, Alzheimer’s is a particularly scary proposition. You may be able to help someone with Alzheimer’s or reduce your own risk of such a discouraging diagnosis by learning about the suspected causes and implementing natural remedies, diet and lifestyle habits that support healthy brain function.

Dr. Mary Newport is a messenger for ketones since 2008 when coconut oil and ketones brought better quality of life for her husband Steve with early onset Alzheimer’s. Her latest book "The Complete Book of Ketones" is a comprehensive read on ketones and the keto lifestyle.

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There are plenty of studies establishing the fact that oil pulling can and does reduce oral microbial populations and reduces established gum disease as well as whitening the teeth, eliminating bad breath, stopping bleeding gums and generally improving oral health of the mouth.

Ketose – Was ist das? Die Ketose ist ein Stoffwechselzustand, welcher sich einstellt wenn du einer rein auf gesunden Fetten basierende Ernährung folgst.


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